Dear Siri,

Your daughters have worked on a wonderful way to remember you…and, in memory of you, your wife Carla and daughters,together with the many friends you encountered during your life, with enthusiasm sail the emerald sea of Porto Cervo; recalling you at the helm during storms,always with your big smile and arched eyebrows….

Send us “all the best”, Siri’!

Commander Alessandro Boeris Clemen attended the Naval Academy of Livorno from 1965-1969 where he became an helicopter pilot. He left the Military Marine in 1982 with the grade of Lieutenant-Commander. That same year he became Chief in Charge of Security and Fire Brigade for the Consorzio Costa Smeralda, later ground Security Service for Meridiana. He lived and worked in Porto Cervo until his death,due to a car accident, in Olbia April 1999.