The Boeris Trophy started in 2003 thanks to promotors, keen organizers and through the love of friends : these elements always present during our many editions, have giving life to this successful event! We warmly want to thank all those who, over the years have taken actively part in the organisation and who have dedicated themselves giving time and energy to the Trophy.

  • Il Comandante Alberini and his wife Giovanna, who where the first to sincerely believe in this event.
  • The YCCS, in particular Edoardo Recchi Recchi and staff, their technical support and organisation both on land and at sea.
  • The Orso di Poltu Quatu Marina for having given free moorings.
  • AirItaly, Rubinia, Slam, Cantine Mancini , Cerasarda and Agenzia Oltremare for their solid contribution
  • To our friends Davide Iorio, Danilo Perentela and Paolo Consonni who gave precious assistance in the organisation.
  • To dear Giò Rossi Pennacchi for translation in English
A very big special thank you to Grifoni, the Military Navy and the Italian Lega Navale who, from the very beginning, gave their support and participation with many boats.